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It is unique and magnificent! It has passed through the times of the Moldavian Principality, Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russian Empire, Romania, USSR, and its Northern part is now independent Ukraine. During all those times this land has retained its unique nature and culture, customs and traditions, thus keeping its multiple identity safe. People born here have become prominent figures of Austria, Germany, Romania, Russia and, naturally, Ukraine.


The land provides plenty of opportunities in numerous fields best described by the word unique. Its nature is unique for its beautiful forests and mountains, green fields and vivid flowers. Its culture has absorbed the best features from all civilizations that collided here. The architecture of Chernivtsi, the actual capital of Bukovyna, is unique for its Barocco style, with the University building (former Residence of Bukovynian Metropolitans erected by immortal Josef Hlavka) reckoned amongst the most beautiful educational buildings of the world. This land's tourism opportunities are nearly inexhaustible. The list of such uniquenesses could be continued but this page is too short to describe them all in detail, so our site's menu includes a fairly substantial number of other pages.


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