Chernivtsi is one of the few Ukrainian cities deserving the title of a true architecture pearl. 602 buildings from the old part of the city are included in the state list of architecture monuments, 25 of which are nationally important. Today Chernivtsi's old town is an integral architectural ensemble of the mid XIX – early XX century. During that time European architecture was strongly influenced by the Art Nouveau style known as Vienna secession in Austro-Hungary. These are prominent secession monuments that make Chernivtsi's architecture famous and these are them to define the city's uniqueness. It’s hard to imagine the historical city center without the Drama Theater, Chamber of Commerce and Crafts, Bukowina Sparkasse building, Bristol hotel, Central Railway Station and lots of other stylish secession buildings designed by Otto Wagner, an outstanding Austrian architect, and his successors. Still, the generally recognized city brand is the Residence of Bukovynian and Dalmatian Metropolitans (todays' Main Building of the Chernivtsi National University), another architecture masterpiece designed by Josef Hlávka, a famous Czech architect, with eclecticism features experiencing the prevalence of the Bysantium and Roman styles.

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