Bukovyna is a very diverse land. In different times its territory was shared between Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russian Empire, Romania, Ottoman Empire, Moldavian Principality, the USSR. All this has strongly reflected on the culture and mentality in its different parts.


Today's Chernivtsi Oblast consists of 11 Districts and 2 stand-alone cities, Chernivtsi (the region's capital) and Novodnistrovsk with its renowned hydro power plant. Three Districts are fully (Putyla) or partly (Vyzhnytsia and Storozhynets) located in the Carpathians. Four Districts touch the Dniester river (Zastavna, Khotyn, Kelmentsi Sokyriany). Yet 8 are adjacent to Ukraine's national borders (Putyla, Vyzhnytsia, Storozhynets, Hlyboka, Hertsa, Novoselytsia, Kelmentsi and Sokyriany).


Each District has its own flag and coat of arms reflecting its history, values and strengths and has a lot of sights to offer for visiting.

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