The name "Bukovyna" developed from the word "buk", a "beech" in English. And it's not by a mere chance. Bukovyna's territory, both in mountains and lowlands, is covered with dense forests. In many places, beeches prevail indeed accompanied by other species, such as fir trees and pines, silver firs and Swiss pine trees and, naturally, oaks.


Bukovyna has three National Parks. Two of them, Vyzhnytsia and Cheremosh parks, are in the Carpathians, in Vyzhnytsia and Putyla Districts respectively. The third one, Khotyn National Nature Park, is in Oblast's North-East spreading over parts of Khotyn, Kelmentsi and Sokyriany Districts. These are purposed to maintain the natural heritage in its best form preventing its industrial development and poaching.


In addition to natural landscapes, Chernivtsi Oblast has a number of man-made places with beautiful plants. These are arboretums and parks in different big and small towns, for example, in Storozhynets, Berehomet and Brusnytsya.

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