The Descent of the Holy Spirit Cathedral, view from Kafedralna St

This Chernivtsi cathedral was built in late classicism style. The author was Ferdinand Roell, an outstanding architect from Vienna. The structure consists of the supported nave typical for the Bukovynian hieratic architecture and two similar bell towers next to the main façade. Above the main entrance to the Tympanum there is a crown on top of crossed Metropolitan's club and cross. The indoor scene was painted by a group of Vienna artists headed by Karl Jobst. Paintings are made in academism style with oil on plaster. The project initially took part in the contest for the construction of St. Isaac Cathedral in St. Petersburg.


The Cathedral gave the name to Soborna ("Cathedral") Square in which it is located and Kafedralna St adjacent to it.

The Cathedral during Romanian period, between 1920 and 1940

The Cathedral and the monument to Metropolitan Eugen Hackmann

The view from the public garden across Holovna St

A bit closer

The golden Metropolitan's crown in the pediment

The left bell-tower and domes

The main dome

The very top of the main dome

The Cathedral as seen from Kobylyanska St

The eye of Providence

A lantern, not only for direct purposes but also as a good decoration

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