If you wish to travel to Bukovyna, you can choose among several transport options:


By plane


If you decide to travel by air, you'll probably have to do it through Kyiv Borispol airport. Although Chernivtsi International Airport accepts several direct flights from Europe, its offer is very limited. So, one of the most realistic ways (especially for those who travel from non-European countries) is to take a flight to KBP followed by a domestic flight to Chernivtsi. Still, if you travel from continental Europe, it is quite possible that you might make use of CarpatAir transit flight through Timișoara.

By car


There are several international motorways passing through Bukovyna. Below we give some of the routes for those who will go to Ukraine through Poland, Austria, Hungary and Romania.

By train or bus


You may also choose this form of traveling arriving, respectively, to Chernivtsi Central Railway Station or Central Bus Station (which are in different parts of the city). Please, ask your local service providers for further information on these types of transports.

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