Dnister banks in Kelmentsi District

Dniester banks in Kelmentsi District

Kelmentsi District is located in the forest and steppe zone between the Prut and the Dniester Rivers. The District borders on Kamianets-Podilsk District of Khmelnytskiy Oblast in the North (along the right bank of the Dniester), Sokyriany District in the East, Khotyn District in the West, Novoselytsia District in the South-West and on Bricheni District of the Republic of Moldova in the South.

Kelmentsi left, Khmelnytsky right

Railway, Kelmentsi left, Khmelnytsky right

The District territory includes three rivers with the Dniester being the largest one. Its length on the District's territory is 95 km. Major oak forests are located in the South-Eastern part of the District. Kelmentsi District has several reserves and parks of local importance.

Typical landscape of the District

Typical landscape of Kelmentsi District

The District offers various value-efficient recreation opportunities, especially on the Dniester. One can go fishing, hiking or camping here.

Beachcasting on the Dniester

Beachcasting on the Dnister, Kelmentsi District

Fishing on the Dniester from the boat

Fishing on the Dnister from the boat, Kelmentsi District


Camping in Kelmentsi District

Yacht tours are also possible here.

Mayak yacht club on the Dniester

View from a hill nearby

Mayak yacht club on the Dnister, Kelmentsi District, view from a hill nearby

The administrative center is Kelmentsi urban village stretching along the green banks of the small Potik river. The geographic position of the village is good for traveling.

Entrance to Kelmentsi

Entrance to Kelmentsi

Central Square in Kelmentsi

Central Square in Kelmentsi

Street art in Kelmentsi

Street art in Kelmentsi, Chernivtsi Oblast

Tribute to WWII soldiers who died

Tribute to WWII soldiers who died, Kelmentsi, Chernivtsi Oblast

Baptist church in Kelmentsi

A regular tour to this Eastern part of Chernivtsi oblast starts from visiting the Chervona Mogila tract in Kelmentsi. Then it continues to the village of Dnistrivka where tourists see various folk arts. From Dnistrivka village, there is a waterway along the Dniester river to the foot of a rock with remains of Bakotski rocky monastery from Galitsko-Volinsky Principality of XII -XIII centuries. The tour can be continued up the Dniester river to the town of Khotyn.

The Dniester in the winter

The Dnister in the winter, Kelmentsi District, Chernivtsi Oblast

The Dniester at night

The Dnister at night, Kelmentsi District, Chernitsi Oblast

A railway crossing near Kelmentsi

A railway crossing near Kelmentsi, Chernivtsi Oblast

A train to Chernivtsi

A train to Chernivtsi, Kelmentsi District, Chernivtsi Oblast

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