Monument to Mihai Eminescu in the public garden at the corner of Universytetska and Bandera (former Vatutin) Streets

Mihai Eminescu, a famous Romanian and Moldavian poet, novelist, journalist actor and cultural activist, was born in Ipotești village, Botoșani Region in 1850. In 1858-1860 the young boy attended his elementary school, and then, in 1860-1866, the Gymnasium, in Chernivtsi. After he completed his high school, Mihai was traveling in Bukovyna, Moldavia, Walachia and Transylvania for three years.


In 1869-1874 the young poet was attending Vienna and Berlin Universities taking law and philosophy courses together with some lectures in history and literature. Later, upon graduation, Eminescu combined his public work with literature and culture activities generating a number of fundamental works of the Romanian and Moldavian literature.


To commemorate the memory of their prominent compatriot, in 2000 Bukovynians erected the monument to him designed by Ivan Salevych.

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