The Western part of Bukovyna is formed by the Carpathians. Basically, there are three mountain subsystems covering or touching Chernivtsi Oblast: the Yalovychory Mountains (in Bukovyna's South-West to its border with Pokuttya, i.e. in almost whole Putyla District), the Pokuttya-Bukovynian Carpathians stretching from Invano-Frankivsk Oblast south to the Ukrainian-Romanian border through territories of Vyzhnytsia, Putyla and Storozhynets Districts, and the Verkhovyna-Putyla low-hill terrain between them.


There are a lot of mountains in the Bukovynian Carpathians, 38 of them 1000 m high or above. The highest peaks are located in the Yalovychory, namely the Yarovytsya (1567 m), Chorny Dyv (1453 m), Zhupaniya-Bukovynyana (1448 m). In Vyzhnytsia District the highest peak is the Lungul (1377 m) followed by the Munchelyk (1313 m) and the Traven (1222 m). Storozhynets District also has significant summits, in particular, the Petroushka (1139 m) and the Bukovo (1104 m) peaks. The mountains form vivid landscapes, many of them have attractive rock formations.


The Bukovynian (as well as all the) Carpathians have a lot of big and small lakes (e.g. Hirske Oko), rivers, in particular, the Cheremosh, Vizhenka, Yalovychora, Sarata, Siret and beautiful waterfalls on them.

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