Smuharski (also known as Bukovynsky, "Bukovynian") waterfalls

Smuharski waterfalls are located next to Roztoky village (Putyla District of Chernivtsi Oblast).


The bed of the Smuhariv stream and its 2km-afar tributary make a cascade from seven waterfalls of different power and height (3-18m), which is unique for the Ukrainian Carpathians.


The distance from Chernivtsi to Roztoky is up to 95 km passing through bridges over the Prut and Cheremosh. After Vyzhnytsia, the road is unpaved at some places.

Roztoky identification stand. Here we get off the car and start our trip along the Smuhariv river

The nature around the river is very vivid and colourful. In some places the stream is narrow and deep, in others it's wide and shallow

The largest of Smuharski waterfalls is about 18 m high

In some places the river bed takes the shape of stairs

It seems that the water is flowing on the walls of a fancy house

Different stages of waterfalls have different shapes

In the winter waterfalls get frozen

Very much like stalactites in a cave

Walking here without an alpenstock would be dangerous

The Smuharski waterfalls on Google Maps

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