Sunday, January 27, 2019 we experimented with night shots. Below are some of the deliverables

Central Sq as seen from Kobylyanska St

View on former Weiss Hotel (left) and Zum Schwarzen Adler Hotel (right)

Experiments taking photos of New-Year illumination

BNP Paribas office in Centralna Sq

City Hall

City Hall's Tower

BNP Pariba's office from another perspective

Shevchenko monument and surroundings

The way down to the Railway Station

Allure Inn Hotel (left)

Former Belle Vue Hotel (City Hall on the right, Central Bank building on the left)

Illumination in Ivan Franko St (right of the City Hall)

Another decoration near the City Hall

Former Habsburg Coffee House, today's Central Bank building

Turret of the Central Bank building

Regional Museum of Art (former bldg of Bukowiner Sparkasse) in the center

Old-style street lights

Another highlighted facade feature

Kobylyanska St welcomes you!

Lights of Kobylyanska St

A jumbo icicle on surveillance cameras on the Central Bank building (former Habsburg Coffee House)


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