Yuriy Fedkovych

This Chernivtsi museum has been placed at Fedkovych's last apartment. Here was the "Russian Talk” Ukrainian society, and "Bukowina” newspaper edited by him was published at this location too. The museum retains documents, photographs, first editions of Fedkovych’s writings, scientific and fiction works telling about his life and activities both in Bukovyna and outside it. The memorial room in which the writer lived in 1885-1888 has been restored, as well as the working room of the newspaper editorial office. The museum presents the gallery of Ukrainian writers whose works had spiritual affinity with Yuriy Fedkovych, the person who awakened national consciousness of Austrian Ukrainians in the mid XIX century.


There is the Yuriy Fedkovych memorial plaque on the building.


The museum's branch is located in Fedkovych’s family manor in Putyla, the town where the writer was born.

The entrance from Ivan Franko St

Inside the museum

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